Our Silver program will walk through the fundamentals of trading the markets. Master the basics and take your first steps towards becoming a trader.
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Course overview

Topics covered will include:

Bull & Bear Markets: Find out how bull and bear markets occur and how you can benefit from such conditions.
Diversification: Learn the concept of diversification and its importance to your portfolio.
Financial Markets: Explore the characteristics of today’s markets, how they operate, what drives them and what type of assets are being traded.
Margin & Leverage: Learn two essential concepts in trading and how you can use leverage wisely.
Online Trading: From the history of trading to the different types of financial markets, we’ll provide you with an overview of online trading.
Orders & Execution: Understand the process of placing trades.
Risk Management: Familiarize yourself with proper risk management and the importance of using the right reward-to-risk ratios.
Trading Mistakes & Psychology: Beginner or pro, learning traders’ common mistakes and how to keep your emotions at bay are an essential part of staying on the right track.


This eBook is suited to users who already have some basic trading knowledge. Here are some of the topics this guide delves into:

  • Researching and analyzing information related to trading different instruments
  • Finding your place in the financial market
  • Reading price action charts
  • The psychology of trading
  • Ensuring your investments stay profitable in the short and long-term
  • Building a portfolio stable enough to last for a long time

Education Materials

Gain your edge and a better understanding of the financial markets with our educational resources.

  • Beginner Trader Video Tutorials
  • Beginner Trading Strategies & Tools
  • Trading eBooks
  • Glossary


Familiarize yourself with key terminologies by browsing through our A-Z list of terms associated with trading and the financial markets.